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Weekend Pirate Run Schedule - Input please? [Link]
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PostSubject: Rules/Guidelines.   Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:54 am

These are really basic and expected of all nation members.

□ Please respect everyone, no matter who they are, they are important to our nation.
□ No discrimination is allowed of any kind. [Sex, race, religion are the big ones]
□ Keep Nation Chat CLEAN. [Please don't swear -_-]
If there are any problems, go to the GL or Current King to sort them out.

Guild Leaders:
If any problems arise between any of the guild leaders, please sort them out or let me know what is going on.

Forum Rules/Guidelines:
□ Keep our forums clean, too.
□ No posts that directly insult someone or attack someone is allowed.
[If there's a problem, take it to PM's]

Simple, right?
Please abide by them, they will help keep all of our sanity Razz
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